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Our Kumpan electric E-Scooter: Sustainable, innovative, stylish - and 100% driving fun!

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Thanks to our passionate teamwork, German engineering and the latest technology, our E-Scooter is the perfect companion for any occasion

Grauer Kumpan Elektroroller mit Sportreifen

Your Kumpan

Your Kumpan will take you safely and comfortably to any destination with zero emissions and noise.

Forget about having to search for a parking space, waiting for public transport or sitting in long traffic jams and experiencing high fuel prices. Instead, become part of our Kumpan family and switch to e-mobility now!

Charge with ease at home or in the office, and simply explore new adventures with your “Kumpanion!”

Elektroroller Moped in gelb von Kumpan mit junger Frau

Technology at its best

Enjoy 100% performance with the latest technology from Kumpan:

Featuring a 7-inch touch display, 4kw power, powerful battery with long range, dynamic driving mode, trackable by telemetry and a key app.

Go on, convince yourself!

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Die drei Gründer des Unternehmens für Elektromobilität mit Roller scooter elektro

Three brothers and stylish e-scooters made in Remagen

At the beginning of 2010 brothers, Patrik, Philipp and Daniel Tykesson, envisioned a newer and better design for the scooter sector: In doing so, they founded Kumpan electric – creating flexible riding fun with a stylish design, and of course, environmentally-friendly vehicles.

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Kumpan Elektroroller Akku elektrisch

Smart, clean and silent

Our Kumpans prove that driving pleasure and sustainable mobility, can work hand in hand. We want to contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and only refuel on electricity, helping to prevent noise pollution for our environment.

More on sustainability

Sharing Schriftzug
Business Sharing Elektroroller von Kumpan

Scooter sharing – made easy

Tailored all-in-one solutions from a single source: Our E-Scooters developed and manufactured in Germany, provide the perfect basis for a lucrative sharing model.

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Gelber Kumpan 54i:nspire elektroroller mit Fahrerin

Happy customers

What do our friends have to say, who have already travelled hundreds, sometimes thousands of kilometers on their Electric Scooters?

Paul mit unserem 54 inspire in Köln

I fell in love on the first day. I can only recommend it, really cool scooter! Especially for the city: You can simply park it everywhere and always get a parking space.

Paul P., 
Portrait Kumpanion Jana

The Kumpan started my career as an E-Scooter-fan!

Jana S., 
Portraitfoto von Kumpanion Alina aus Düsseldorf

In summer for a picnic on the banks of the Rhine or in the city, with the wind in your face, without annoying engine rattling and on top of that on my Kumpan, which I had put together exactly the way I like it - that's joy of life for me!

Kumpanion Oskar

These cute scoots are just so much fun!

Kumpanion Ludwig Portraitfoto

The Kumpan has a noble design and is manufactured with high quality. The clearly arranged display allows a pleasant and safe driving pleasure. The combination of the powerful battery and the electric motor ensures a lively driving pleasure.

Ludwig S., 
Kumpanion Marcel bei seinem Hobby Springreiten

We travel a lot on tournaments with our horses. Here the scooter is the best companion on large tournament grounds. The horses don't mind the scooter at all because it is so nice and quiet. For us it is simply an indispensable companion.

Marcel S., 
Kundin Sophie ist begeistert von ihrem stylischen Kumpan E-Roller

Whether in the city or in the country - my Kumpan is a faithful companion. Super reliable, uncomplicated and also in a beautiful design. I am looking forward to many more rides, spontaneous trips to lakes and ice cream parlours, and of course the contact with the dear Kumpan team!

Sophie S., 
Glücklicher Kumpanfreund

The Kumpan is a lively accomplice with whom you can ride effortlessly, confidently and elegantly through city traffic. With its benevolent handling, you instantly feel as safe and familiar as in your car - just with pleasant fresh air around your nose.

Georg Bläsi, 
Glücklicher Kunde eines Kumpan electric Elektroroller

"The workmanship and quality are first class. That's why I chose my Kumpan back then. I quite simply like the retro look. Driving is a lot of fun! And it's very comfortable for two people to ride it."

Jens Herrmann, 
Elektroroller von Kumpan mit Kundin in der City

"The Scooter is very easy to handle and quiet, which is quite a lot of fun. I also like the retro look - when riding it I feel like Katherine Hepburn ;) I also liked the large display and the fact that I can go about 50 kilometers with one battery."

Ruth Fendel, 
Begeisteter Kunde von einem elektrischen Kumpan Elektroroller

"I have been riding this 1954 L since October 2016 and have a lot of fun with the scooter, even further tours are no problem with a second battery. So this Kumpan really gives a lot of pleasure and causes positive astonishment to the people!"

Werner Liebig, 
Elektroroller E-Roller Wohngebiet Kumpan 54i:mpulse Topcase

"It tilts wonderfully in an inclined position, but does not feel unstable or overstrained at all. Rather, it is really tempting to twirl it through tight curves or to try out the lean angle in a roundabout."

Niklas Schäfer,
Zufriedener Kunde Bewertung von Kumpan Elektroroller

"I have had my Kumpan since June 2018, have not had a defect until today! Maintenance is sufficient every 18 months, even in winter the scooter is reliable. Continuous operation up to 50km without problems, good battery management. For country bumpkins I recommend having 3 batteries to get to other cities without hassle."

Stefan Hüsgen, 
Kundin eines nachhaltigen Kumpan Elektrorollers grün

"I've been driving electric scooters for 10 years and love to ride them silently and without emissions. On my Kumpan 1953 I can transport everything I need for a household. The Kumpan is built rock solid and looks the same today as on the first day."

Martina Keller, 
Portrait von Kumpanion Felix Hünecke

"I recently test-drove the inspire. It's a hell of a city runabout."

Felix Hünecke, 
Pärchen auf dem Kumpan Elektrorollermodell 54i:nspire in Köln

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