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Modell 54i:mpulse

Model 54i:mpulse

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Kumpan 54i:mpulse - best of Design and Technology

Stylish, emission-free and fast, the model 54i:mpulse can reach speeds up to 70 km/h, enabling you to drive on highways and country roads to reach your destination quickly and safely!
Two batteries are included in the price of our Kumpan 54i:mpulse – if you use a third battery, this will allow you to reach an averange range of 100 km.

up to 0 km/h
0 kw
0 inch
touch display
average 0 km¹
max. 0 km²

¹ average range with three batteries, depending on weight, incline, speed, road conditions
² max. range with three batteries, under ideal test conditions according to test standard ECE 134/2014

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Making your life as easy as possible

While driving your escooter, the 7-inch touch display will ensure you are informed about its performance at all times. It will show speed, range and consumption with a choice of four different driving modes. Furthermore, you will always know the whereabouts of your Kumpan 54i:mpulse, even if you have lent it to your friends, the telemetry module will always inform you about the scooter’s location and energy level.

Shine brighter – with new LEDs

Drive safely through the night with the powerful new headlights from our Kumpan 54i:mpulse to have a clearer view of the road. The headlights from your electric scooter have all been equipped with LEDs to ensure your safety.

Unique, self-developed batteries

Our removable batteries “Kraftpakete” have been developed by ourselves in order to perfectly fit our Kumpan: You will be impressed with their smart technology, which can be easily charged at any plug. You have the option to either take the batteries out of the scooterand charge them at home, the office or even charge them directly in the scooter. After only 20 mins or even an hour, whichever you desire.

In our self-developed ‘Power Pack 2.0’ battery, we have built-in high-performance LG cells, which will guarantee an energetic drive (3 KW engine power, 45 km/h) and long ranges. The battery is inserted into the battery compartment, which automatically connects to your ‘inspire’ – easy!

You can store up to three power packs in the 54 inspire at the same time, which will take you to any destination with a range of up to 180km (depending on load, driving style and environment).

Charging has never been so flexible! All you need to do is remove the battery, plug it into a standard household socket and you’re ready to go! For a full-charging process this only takes an impressive four hours – allowing you more time to drive!

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So simple, so smart

Never have to worry about the location of your Scooter key again – start your model 54i:mpulse with the Kumpan KeyApp. You can easily unlock your scooter via Bluetooth and start driving.
Another new feature is the electric topcase, which can be attached on your Kumpan, offering extra storage space. Since you are permitted to use your model 54i:mpulse on highways and freeways, we are also offering an optional windshield and a 360-degreeto crash bar to protect you and your Kumpan!

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Feel the wind of our electric scooters and cruise silently and emission-free through the streets. Experience it yourself and discover all the special features that our Kumpan scooters have to offer.

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If white isn’t your favourite colour, not a problem! Choose any colour for your new scooter – it doesn’t matter if you want yellow, blue or black, we will fulfill your wish!

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Technical data

  • Brushless hub motor
  • 4 kW power
  • 92 Nm torque
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion)
  • Each: 51 Volt (V) | 29 Ampere hours (Ah) | 1.5 Kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Range up to 62 kilometers per battery (according to test standard ECE 134/2014), average range with 3 batteries: 100 kilometers
  • Charging time: 4 hours / battery
  • Removable without cables
  • 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Cruise control
  • Recuperation
  • Kumpan Key App
  • Over the air updates possible
Safety & Comfort
  • Hydraulic disc brake front and rear
  • CBS equipment as standard
  • Hydraulic suspension fork
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers (adjustable hardness)
  • Length 1950 mm (without top case)
  • Width 730 mm (without mirror)
  • Height 1215 mm (without mirror)
  • Wheelbase 1354 mm
  • Bench height 800 mm
  • Tare weight 82 kg
  • Weight with three batteries 112 kg
  • Permissible total weight 280 kg
Driver's license
  • B with additional driver’s license up to 125ccm
  • B, A1, A

* The final price varies depending on local VAT