The KumpanConnect App

We have developed an app that goes far beyond its key function - GPS tracking, mileage and much more.

Den Kumpan 54i:nspire mit der KumpanConnect App starten

Switching on and off even from a long distance

Display of all batteries and their charge status

Statistics of your driving behaviour

Map with all service partners in your area

The smart scooter

At Kumpan electric, it‘s important to provide you with a high-quality and stylish e-scooter to complement your physical Kumpanion experience with a digital one and to remain technically up to date. That’s why we’ve developed the ‘KumpanConnect app‘, which will allow you to access the necessary information about your scooter, its batteries or your driving behaviour at any time. If problems should occur, rest assured the app will be your first aid kit.

KumpanConnectApp für Elektroroller

All about your Kumpan

The first of the three tabs will tell you everything about your Kumpan for e.g. remaining range, batteries, VIN number, plus downloadable manuals for accessable information, along with a direct link to contact the service team, if you require assistance. At the sub-item battery, you will see each of your “power packs” individually listed, including ampere-hour, exact battery status and product number. You can also switch your scooter on and off with the possibility to unlock your scooter even over long distances e.g. if your partner does not have a key or if you want to lend your scooter to someone else, this option is ideal.

Anzeige des Fahrverhaltens des Elektrorollers in der KumpanConnectApp

Your driving behaviour

Swipe left to view full statistics about your driving behaviour. If you wish to see your travel time, kilometres travelled or total time on the scooter, you can view everything exactly to the day or even obtain a total invoice for the past 14, 30 or 365 days. Did you know that the average e-scooter driver uses it for around 4000 km per year? We are curious to see how often you are out and about with it!

Karte in der KumpanConnectApp für Kumpan Elektroroller

Find your scooter or a service partner near you

This last section, will provide you with information about the exact location of your Kumpan scooter via GPS tracking. Our maps will not only show you where your scooter is located, but also service partners in your area. You also have the possibility to switch to Google Maps at any time to start the destination guidance.
If there’s a problem with your scooter, you can easily view where the nearest service partner is and start the route guidance. Even if you can’t remember where you‘ve parked your Kumpan, the app will guide you exactly back to where your scooter is – thanks to our GPS system.

  • Download the KumpanConnect App for free

Kumpan E-Roller Modell 54i:mpulse mit Mann der KumpanConnect App nutzt

You want it even leaner? With our Kumpan Key App, your smartphone replaces your key!

  • Kumpan Elektroroller Sharing App Sharingsolutions Software

    All you need for the keyless start is your smartphone (which you‘ll most likely have with you anyway) to download the Kumpan Key app from the Playstore or Apple App Store.

  • Den Kumpan 54i:nspire mit der KumpanConnect App starten

    Start the ‘Kumpan 54: inspire’ with our KumpanConnect app. Simply follow the instructions in the app to connect your scooter via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go.

  • Zwei Fahrer mit Fahrspaß auf Kumpan Elektroroller 54i:nspire in der Stadt

    For couples on ‘Kumpan 54: inspire’ based in Cologne, if you wish to lend out your scooter or for someone else to drive it, your friends can also quickly connect to the app via their smartphones for full accessibility.

More about the Kumpan Key App

If you‘d like to know more information about the Kumpan Key App, we have created a short video for you, explaining step by step how to use it to the best advantage.

Kumpan Key App Elektromobilität
  • Download the Kumpan Key App for free