Company car 2.0 - Your company fleet of Kumpan e-scooters

Offer your employees the advantages of a company fleet. With Kumpan electric, our electric scooters combine the advantages of a classic car model with flexibility, independence and a special kind of driving experience. We offer you customised solutions for your e-scooter company fleet.

Rückseite einer Firmenflotte Kumpan E-Roller mit Topcase

Our e-scooters, developed and manufactured in Germany, are the perfect basis for active company cars 2.0

All advantages at one glance:


To see and be seen: Electric scooters in your corporate design!

Kumpan E-Roller mit Co-Branding von Gaffels Fassbrause

E-scooters are THE transportation of modern urbanity!

All cities in the world have the same problems – our e-scooters are the solution:

  • Limited parking space

    You can fit five of our electric scooters into one car parking space. Furthermore, parking on pavements is permitted in most cities.

    Traffic chaos due to traffic jams

    Our scooters are nimble companions – they are the fastest means of transport in urban areas.

  • Unflexible public transport

    Our scooters can be used at any time and go where public transport can no longer take them.

    CO2-Emissions and life quality

    Silent and clean, our Kumpans jet through the city with no CO2 emissions or noise pollution.

Do you want to build your company fleet as a sharing fleet? No problem!

With our all-round carefree package, you can easily build up your company fleet as a sharing model. We‘ll provide you with the necessary software (app for iOS and Android) for your employees and for you (backend platform for controlling your fleet) as well as our telemetry networked scooters.

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The e-scooter App will be designed to your corporate identity for sharing users to be addressed in your brand language. The backend platform will give you full control: The fleet can be monitored, activated and deactivated, commands can be sent and the load status can be queried. From live fleet tracking, service and battery exchange planning to utilisation, evaluation and optimisation, all relevant measurements are clearly displayed.

Kumpan E-Roller mit Co-Branding von Gaffel-Kölsch


Our e-scooters are connected: The telemetry module built into the battery ensures data traffic between the scooter and the backend. Check the scooter’s location, charge status and its technical condition in real time via the sensors. Your fleet can be designed and painted according to your wishes (for example in your individual company logo). The branding and painting according to the desired (corporate) design will be implemented by our internal graphic department. The electronic top case also offers enough storage space for two matching white label helmets.

Akku mit Telemetrie von einem Kumpan E-Roller

Charging infrastructure

Usually, you’ll be the one assigned as the operator controlling the fleet management. You‘ll be able to add stationary battery cabinets or work with mobile chargers to keep your batteries charged. If you decide to use a battery swapping team, you can also control it via our backend.

zwei Fahrer auf E-Roller von Kumpan electric in weiß in Berlin


We will train both yourself and our service partners for the service in the sharing business. Should something break down, our nationwide dealer network will assist you as a workshop partner. In addition, your personal Kumpan contact will always be there to answer your questions.

Elektroroller Sharing Solutions Sharingmodell

Stationary fleets

For station-based fleets, the e-scooter is rented and returned at fixed locations more commonly, on your company premises. Battery cabinets and charging points are ideal for this system, since the scooters will remain at these locations when not in use, they can be charged in the meantime.

Via Smart-Key issue or booking via App, the vehicles are rented and returned at fixed stations. Whether exclusive or public, user groups can be flexibly defined – this sharing model is the optimal solution for any fleet size.

Build your company fleet with Kumpan electric:

Therefore we are the optimal partner for you and your fleet:

We design, develop and assemble our products at our German location in Remagen with a high dedication to detail. Through numerous sharing reference projects, many years of experience and passion of our employees, we have a great industry know-how. This makes Kumpan electric the ideal partner for planning, implementing and optimising your individual, stylish and sustainable company fleet!

If you would like to know more about our company fleet offer or to request further information, please contact us! We are always available to your needs.