E-Scooter accessories

The matching accessories really set the scene for your Kumpan E-Scooter and give you and your Kumpan a consistently timeless design. More range, additional storage space or more safety? We have what you are looking for.

Kumpan Zubehör für Elektroroller Helm Jethelm in schwarz
Illustration eines Kraftpaket 2.0 von Kumpan electric
Power Pack 2.0

The heart of your Kumpan is the Power Pack 2.0 – the best version of our specially developed battery. With powerful LG cells, the Power Pack 2.0 will guarantee you a drive with up to 7 kW engine power and over 180 km range at 45 km/h. The battery is simply plugged into the battery compartment without any complicated insertion. With a little practice, this will take no longer than 20 seconds. The power pack automatically connects to your Kumpan, allowing you to store up to three power packs at the same time, this’ll take you to any destination with a range of 186km.
Charging has never been so easy: remove the battery, plug it into a standard household socket and you’re ready to go. The charging process only takes a sensational four hours. Alternatively, you can also use the front charging socket on our models ‘54i:conic’, ‘54i:mpulse’ and ‘54i:gnite’ models. In this case, the power packs simply remain in their battery compartment. Our attentiveness to the highest safety and durability in both development and use, allows you to remain mobile with your Power Pack 2.0, limiting your worries. Each Power Pack 2.0 has a range of up to +62 km for your Kumpan, creating a more flexible and independent ride.
Price for the “Power Pack 2.0” battery: 1399 €*.

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Aluminium Hook

The aluminium bag hook offers you a safe way to carry your shopping bag or handbag without having to access other valuable storage space. If you often have a bit more with you or want to go shopping with your Kumpan, this bag hook is perfect.
Price for the aluminium bag hook: 79 €*

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Electrical topcase complete kit

You already have a Kumpan scooter, but you lack loading space? We can solve your problem – whether it’s light luggage or something more: With the electrical top case from Givi, you can stow your helmet, charger or other utensils at the touch of a button. Matching the colour of your Kumpan’s paintwork, your new topcase is also a real eye-catcher and perfectly matches the retro look of your Kumpan E-Scooter. Practical and stylish, it holds everything you need for your everyday life. With this complete package, you can have the topcase retrofitted by a Kumpan dealer or service partner of your choice at any time. Included in delivery: Luggage rack bracket, mounting plate, the electrical topcase and a paint plate in scooter colour (please specify when ordering).
Price for the electrical topcase complete kit: 499 €*

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Illustration Lackplatte
Lacquer plate topcase

You want your topcase to be the same colour as your Kumpan? Simply order the matching lacquer plate.
Price for the lacquer plate: 99 €*

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Illustration Gepäckträger
Crash bars

We want you and your Kumpan to always reach your destination safely without any damage. Which is why, we have created a crash bar especially for you – this will protect the paintwork and other scooter parts from any damage or scratches, should an unexpected fall occur.
Price for the crash bars: 379 €*

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Illustration Ladegerät
Battery charger

With an additional charger, you don’t always have to wait until the first battery is fully charged. You can always charge two power packs at the same time to avoid long waiting times for you and your Kumpan, to get going faster.
Price for an additional charger: 379 €*.

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*Prices incl. VAT (19 % German tax) plus shipping costs. For other countries than Germany, VAT and delivery costs may vary.