Sustainability is important to us!

We live our vision of sustainable mobility every day

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Muttern Local Sourcing

Local sourcing

There’s a saying in German which goes: “Why travel far when the good is nearby?”

When it comes to sourcing our Scooter parts, around 90% of our components currently come from Europe and since we prefer to source regionally, 80% of the Kumpan parts originate in Germany. As a Remagen-based company, we‘re glad to be situated in a region that has a stronghold of family businesses and medium-sized companies.

For example, our cardboard packaging comes from a local workshop for the handicapped and is made of recycled cardboard. Even our self-developed battery packs are created by a German manufacturer.

As part of the European Battery Alliance, we‘re now eagerly awaiting the completion of our investor, Peter Carlsson’s Northvolt battery cell factory in Sweden, to be able to source the cells from Europe.

Papierloses Büro

Paperless office

From 2020 onwards, our goal is to be a paperless office and so, we are working intensively on optimising our operations, also with regards to conserving renewable resources such as wood. As part of this effort, we have decided to only use digital PDF files instead of heavy, printed brochures.

Contributing to make the planet a little bit greener!

Resource-saving production

Our production process takes great care to conserve resources of all kinds in order to increase our level of sustainability. By resources, we mean not only precious raw materials but also packaging materials such as water, energy and storage space.

Plus our E-Scooters continue to be hand-manufactured without the need of huge treadmills and robot arms to mount the scooters. Instead, we prefer to hire hard-working employees to create a stronger team and work together in the most effective and efficient way.

It‘s also important to minimise our transport routes and to optimise them in the best possible way.

Even quiet tones make music!

Our planet’s resources are limited!

We therefore aim to:

save resources by producing and sourcing locally

reduce packaging material

produce zero-emission E-Scooters

pay attention to low energy consumption


Trinkfair – tap water instead carrying of water boxes

We support the Trinkfair campaign campaign of Fairantwortung GmbH. We encourage our employees to discard bottled water and in its place, use the more healthier and environmentally-friendly option of tap water. In doing so, this reduces our CO2 consumption and saves plastic waste. Tap water not only protects our environment, but also keeps our costs low without the need to carry heavy crates.

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Wald von unten

100 Million Trees New trees for our world

As an active supporter of the 100 Million Trees campaign of Fairventures Worldwide, we pride ourselves in aiding the environment, allowing the green lungs of the earth to breathe again. In cooperation with the organisation, we provide farmers with the urgently needed financial means to drive reforestation forward.

Our longterm goal is to plant 100 million new trees for Borneo, Indonesia!

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