E-Roller Model 54 inspire von Kumpan electric grau

Model 54 Ignite

Coming in Q3!

Sporty elegance & excellent technology

Our ‘Kumpan 54 ignite’ offers you an increase of power: The Electric Scooter in the sports version has an unbeatable drive with a unique cornering ability.

Feel the breeze with speeds of up to 100 km / h. Our newest model shines with high-quality sports tyres, standard ABS equipment and the timeless design of a Kumpan.

Enjoy the speed of a car without having to give up the agility, flexibility and absolute freedom of a two-wheeler. Travel through city or country roads, combining speed, temperament and style with the ultimate driving pleasure.

up to 0 km/h
up to 0 kw
up to 0 km
0 inch
touch display