Kumpan E-Roller Modell 54 iconic im Retrolook

Model 54 iconic

from 4200,84 € net price (for EU only)*

Your E-Scooter: Timeless. Ready to go!

Behind our “iconic” stands our old model, the 1954 Ri. After two years on the market, we have given it a complete overhaul and integrated it into our new product family. Discover our flagship with our new ‘Look & Feel’ – the cutting edge of technology, functionality and design. Iconic – and now equipped with even more driving fun and better technology! Discover the advantages of e-mobility, paired with a stylish two-wheel design and driving pleasure in a class of its own with our classic model.

Our E-Scooters and the technology used in our models have been developed, designed and perfected by ourselves. They are manufactured in our own production in Remagen – for us this means the highest valence, quality and above all durability – so that you can enjoy your Kumpan for an even long time!

up to 0 km/h
up to 0 kw
0 inch
touch display
average 0 km¹
max. 0 km²

¹ average range with three batteries, depending on weight, incline, speed, road conditions
² max. range with three batteries, under ideal test conditions according to test standard ECE 134/2014

Display Rückspiegel und Lenker eines Kumpan Elektrorollers Model 54 iconic

E-mobility from Germany: Emission-free, noiseless and practical

Our rechargeable batteries, the ‘power packs’, provide unprecedented range and make charging easier than ever before. You can recharge your ‘Iconic’ at any standard household power outlet: Simply remove the battery and charge it wherever you want – at home, the office, a friend’s house etc. The ‘Iconic’ is silently on the move with no noise or CO2 emissions, leaving you with a clear conscience and green footprint.

Let it shine – with powerful LED headlights

The headlights of our electric scooter, illuminate the road optimally to support your safety, allowing good and clear visibility at both dusk and night. Indicators, tail lights and brake lights now shine brightly with our HiPower LED lighting to drive safely and relaxed, even in the dark!

Akkus und Stauraum des elektrischen Rollers 54 iconic von Kumpan

Smart and powerful e-mobility: Our battery

Our specially developed battery ‘Power Pack 2.0’ with powerful LG cells, guarantees a drive of up to 4 KW motor power and a range of over 180 km at 45 km / h. The battery is easily plugged into the battery compartment without any complications. With a little practice, this will take no longer than 20 seconds each time. The battery connects directly to your vehicle, while the power pack automatically connects to your ‘Iconic’.

Store up to three power packs in the ‘Iconic’ at the same time – you can go to any destination with a maximum range of 186 km. Charging has never been easier: Remove the battery, plug it into a standard household socket and you’re ready to go! The charging process only takes an impressive four hours!

Display von einem Kumpan Elektroroller

Smart technology

With the 7-inch touch display, you can look straight into the heart of your ‘Kumpan 1954 Iconic’. At a glance you can see your speed, remaining range and fuel consumption. The telemetry module built into your battery, allows you to track the location and energy level of your ‘Iconic’ from anywhere in the world. With Keyless Start, your keys stay in your pocket and the fun begins at the touch of a button.

Elektromobilität in der Stadt; E-scooter Model 54 iconic von Kumpan electric in schwarz

Fancy a test ride with our 54 iconic E-Scooter?

Convince yourself with the dynamics and unique driving feeling of our ‘Kumpan electric 54 iconic’ and the advantages of e-mobility!

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Design your companion

Do you strive for individuality and want a Kumpan according to your ideas?

Choose your favourite colour combination from over hundreds of possibilities and live your style to the fullest! We have paint colours from bright white, sunny yellow and azure blue to classic black or elegant grey. Do you prefer a white, black or brown bench? Black, brown or red trim in the leg room? You decide!

Kumpan electric E-Roller Model 54 iconic schwarz rot
Der Elektroroller 54 iconic von Kumpan electric mit männlichem Model
Wechseln eines Akkus bei einem Kumpan Roller
Model 54 iconic in schwarz mit Helm im Retro-Stil

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zwei Menschen die auf dem elektronischen Roller Modell 54 iconic von Kumpan fahren

Technical data

  • Brushless hub motor
  • Maximum power 4000 watts
  • Lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion)
  • 51 volts (V) | 29 amp hours (Ah) | 1479 watt hours
  • 3 battery slots
  • Incl. 1 removable battery
  • Connected in parallel and removable
  • Range up to 62 kilometers per battery (according to test standard ECE 134/2014)
  • 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Cruise control
Safety & Comfort
  • Hydraulic disc brake front and rear
  • Hydraulic suspension fork
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers (adjustable hardness)
  • Length 1939 mm (without top case)
  • Width 734 mm (without mirror)
  • Height 1136 mm (without mirror)
  • Wheelbase 1354 mm
  • Bench height 800 mm
  • Tare weight 82 kg
  • Weight with three batteries 112 kg
  • Permissible total weight 280 kg

* The final price varies depending on local VAT