Since December 2019, the Berlin start-up SCROOSER have been a part of the e-bility family! Behind the SCROOSER brand are e-scooters developed and produced in Germany. The sporty, elegant quality product is particularly striking with its extra wide tyres and a minimalist design. We are pleased to present you this special vehicle in more detail here!

Scrooser E-Roller in matt schwarz mit breiten Reifen im Harley Look

The SCROOSER has a lot to offer. Here you can see the most important advantages at a glance:

Up to 25 km/h speed

Road approval

Up to 45 km range

Intuitive operation

Unique driving pleasure

Scrooser E-Roller mit breiten Reifen mit Fahrer in Kurvenlage am Rhein entlang

Driving behaviour

The SCROOSER is impulse-driven, which means that you can drive it in both sitting and standing positions without having to step on the gas yourself. With our precise testing, we believe that this special driving experience will be remembered for a long time! The SCROOSER’s wide tyres will enable you to maneuver easily and turn corners with careful accuracy. The SCROOSER also offers you a variety of driving modes, whether it’s the fast sport mode, the energy-saving eco-mode or the more relaxed comfort mode – the settings can be adapted to your driving preferences. To ensure a quick charge of your scooter, the batteries are located under the running board and can easily be removed. The SCROOSER has been designed to stand alone on level ground thanks to its tyres and low centre of gravity.

Fahrerin auf Scrooser in weiß auf Rheinpromenade


Our SCROOSER represents not only optical minimalism, but also technical simplicity. The operation is therefore completely intuitive without the need to study the manual. To ensure you enjoy your SCROOSER for a long time, the frame of the vehicle is made out of steel, a robust model to be used in all weathers. Another advantage is the easy start-up function, even if you’re dressed up a bit more elegantly, scooter riding is no longer a problem! Whether standing or sitting, you‘ll always have enough space and guaranteed plenty of legroom. The built-in bag hook allows you to safely transport your personal or shopping bags home.

Scrooser E-Roller im Urlaub als elektrisches Letzte Meile Fahrzeug

Use Cases

The SCROOSER is versatile and one thing is for sure, you‘re guaranteed to stand-out everywhere. Imagine you’re on holiday at a campsite and there are still a few kilometres to go to the beach or to the nearest supermarket – the SCROOSER is great to transport in a motorhome and is definitely an added bonus to any holiday! Or if you‘re in a remote hotel and want to explore the area , not a problem with the up to 25 km/h fast fun mobile! The silent e-scooters are also a great choice for sports e.g. golf or riding tournaments, where participants often have long distances to cover.

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Fahrspaß auf dem E-Roller Scrooser mit breiten Reifen in weiß

On the road with SCROOSER

The SCROOSER knows no obstacles – it is the only electric scooter in its class that is road legal. Our e-scooters are available in two versions: 20 km/h and 25 km/h. A significant difference? Not exactly, because the faster version is required to wear a helmet in Germany, very important to remember on our roads! You should also note that you need a moped driving licence in any case (from 15 years). If you already have a car driving licence, this registration is automatically included. In addition, the SCROOSER requires you to have an up-to-date insurance number plate (read more here).

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Fahrspaß auf dem Scrooser am Rhein

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