The Kumpan electric scooter models

  • Kumpan E-Roller Modell 54i:nspire in gelb


    • 45 km/h
    • 3 kW
    • 135 km Ø range

    from 53€ per month

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  • Kumpan Elektroroller 54i:conic in Baccara Schwarz


    • 45 km/h
    • 4 kW
    • 135 km Ø range

    from 69€ per month

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  • Kumpan Elektroroller 54i:mpulse in blau schwarz


    • 70 km/h
    • 4 kW
    • 100 km Ø range

    from 85€ per month

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  • Kumpan Elektroroller 54i:gnite in grau rot


    • 100 km/h
    • 7 kW
    • 80 km Ø range

    from 98€ per month

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Kumpan E-Roller Modell in gelb

Kumpan Electric Scooter
Model 54i:nspire

City kid without frills

When mobility really means freedom: no frills and still a real eye-catcher. Technical pioneer and quiet everyday hero. A feel-good runabout and faithful companion.
With a top speed of 45 km/h, 3 kW motor power and around 45 km range per battery, the 54i:nspire is your perfect companion in the city.

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Kumpan Elektroroller 54i:conic in Baccara Schwarz

Kumpan Electric Scooter
Model 54i:conic

All-rounder with comfort

Iconic, smart and high-performance – a powerful classic with luxury features for unique mobility that takes you forward.
The 54i:conic achieves a range of around 135 km with 3 batteries and pulls up to 45 km/h with 4 kW of motor power. Your flexible alternative to a city car!

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Kumpan Electric Scooter
Model 54i:mpulse

With your Kumpan 54i:mpulse, you can confidently take on longer distances on your scooter without spending ages on the road: Our electric scooter from the 54i product family sprints to its destination at 70 km/h! With a range of around 100 km with 3 batteries, you can also travel on country roads or highways in complete relaxation and take wonderful road trips.

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Kumpan Elektroroller 54i:gnite in grau rot

Kumpan Electric Scooter
Model 54i:gnite

Spirited pioneer

The sports version of your Kumpan offers you an unbeatable drive and unique cornering flexibility. Feel the breeze in your face with an increased speed of around 100 km / h.

Choose between CBS or ABS equipment and shine with high-quality sports tyres as well as the timeless design of a Kumpan. Enjoy the speed of a car without having to give up the agility, flexibility and the absolute freedom of a two-wheeler.

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