Our battery: "Power Pack 2.0"

Our self-developed battery is the heart of our scooters and we are working on many other uses as well.

Akku mit Telemetrie von einem Kumpan E-Roller
Akku Wechseln beim Elektroroller von Kumpan electric in schwarz mit Finanzierung

Plug in and enjoy the fun of driving

Our Power Pack connects automatically to the scooter and locks directly to the plug. You can drive an average of 45 kilometres with a battery and enjoy the feeling of freedom, together with your electric Kumpan. Pull out the battery with the carrying handle to release the lock and charge it comfortably in your own home. With the practical front-loading flap, you simply leave the batteries in the scooter to charge them at an external socket or in your garage.

Kumpan Elektroroller Akku elektrisch

Short charging times– Always ready

Our Power Pack manages the leap from 20 to 80 percent in under three hours. It takes about four and a half hours to fully recharge an empty Power Pack. The better you plan your charging cycles, the more time you’ll save to always be ready to drive. For shopping or small errands in the city, a short charging time of less than 20 minutes is often enough because for short trips, a partial charge is perfectly sufficient. You can recharge at your stopovers and even save charging costs with the use of public 230-volt sockets, completely free of charge.

Sustainable batteries for your Kumpan

Our Power Pack provides your Kumpan with enough power for many years and loses almost no capacity. Unlike your smartphone, notebook or Bluetooth speaker, our Power Pack 2.0 does not suffer from the so-called memory effect. It is best to keep the charge level between 20 and 80 percent. This is the most effective way to preserve long term battery life – you can enjoy the silent, electric ride and help to make our world a greener place.

Skizzenzeichnung Akku für Elektroroller Kraftpaket 2.0 mit Telemetriemodul

And that’s what’s in our Power Packs

We have done the entire development of our batteries in-house, so that the core competence lies directly with us and remains there. We have used high-performance LG cells for this. The electrical output of a Power Pack 2.0 corresponds to 4 kW, the nominal capacity is 28.5 Ah (1.479kWh).
The battery is not only optimally adapted to the needs of our e-scooters, but also offers a lot of potential for use in other electrical appliances. We are currently working on several projects and will let you know as soon as we have any news.