"Kumpan electric is our vision of a green, connected mobility sector that we are turning into reality!"

Patrik Tykesson

Die drei Gründer und Brüder Tykesson von E-Roller Kumpan electric in Remagen

What defines us?

E-bility GmbH was founded in 2010 by brothers, Patrik, Daniel and Philipp Tykesson. Since then, we have passionately and devotedly promoted e-mobility, producing high-performance E-Scooters at our home in Remagen!

  • High quality scooters from our own production

    Riding a Kumpan Electric Scooter is a great driving experience. We’ve personally designed our vehicles and developed the technical innovations, modernised to your needs – our aim is to ignite in each of you, our passion to grow.

    The Kumpan smile after every ride is our customer promise!

  • Family business of the 1st generation

    At Kumpan electric, we believe in teamwork, integrity, reliability and respect.

    We achieve our goals together, through our personal proximity to partners and customers. Behind Kumpan are hardworking people, with a passion to develop new ideas and adapt to a modern-world.

  • Innovation and technology

    Actively shaping the future of mobility in an environmentally-friendly way.

    Our aim is to have more Electric Scooters driving on European roads than gasoline-powered scooters by 2030. To achieve this, we are constantly developing our Kumpan designs; researching new ideas and technologies for our customers needs. Our scooters are made with passion, sophistication, engineering competence and the latest technologies.

Elektroroller Modell Retro Design Skizzen Taschenhaken

The future of mobility is a silent and green drive!

Join us with our futuristic vision, creating individual, sustainable mobility solutions for everyone!

  • Smart, clean and silent

    Our Kumpan’s prove that pleasurable driving and responsible motoring, go together perfectly. We want to contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and only refuel on electricity, helping to prevent noise pollution for our environment.

  • Shaping the urban mobility of the future

    City traffic is often stressful, sitting in long traffic jams with high fuel prices and having to search for a parking space. The alternative, waiting for frequently delayed and overcrowded public transport.

    And so, we can offer you a remedy with E-Scooters with full flexibility and individuality to get to your destination faster and with style!

  • Sustainability is not just a PR buzz word

    We’re not stopping at engines.
    We focus on emission-free vehicles, resource-saving production, short delivery routes (90% of our vehicle parts come from Europe) and sustainability, including battery recycling.

Skizzen Elektroroller Retro Design

No strangers – our circle of investors:

We have been able to win renowned investors for the successful implementation of our goals: These include Peter Carlsson (former Tesla manager and CEO of Northvolt), 4L Vision, a specialist in sustainable investments with Ralph Suikat at the helm, EIT InnoEnergy, a major European investor in sustainable energy innovations, supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology.

In 2016, we were also able to conclude a successful crowdfunding campaign via the Companisto platform. In the course of our latest financing round by the end of 2019, we succeeded the Berlin-based start-up Scrooser, which produces the “electric monster scooter” (quote from the start-up magazine Gründerszene).

Who are the Tykesson brothers?

The Tykesson brothers are half-Swedish, so their proximity to sustainability was practically already in their cradle. At the beginning of 2010 brothers, Patrik, Philipp and Daniel Tykesson, envisioned a newer and better design for the scooter sector. In doing so, they founded Kumpan electric – creating flexible riding fun with a stylish design, and of course environmentally-friendly vehicles.

  • Gründer Kumpan Elektroroller Deutschland Tykesson
    Patrik Tykesson

    Patrik Tykesson, the oldest of the Tykessons. An early starter in the business sector due to his father, who taught him everything he needed to know. Since then, Patrik focused on achieving his goals by completing a Diploma at the ISM in International Business Administration. He continued his training as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant, before traveling overseas to experience different cultures in Asia and Africa, as well as in several European countries. This prepared him for the management of an internationally operating company.

  • Gründer Kumpan Elektroroller Deutschland Tykesson
    Daniel Tykesson

    Daniel Tykesson, the second in the bunch, lives with his wife and little son in Cologne. Environmentally conscious, Daniel frequently commutes by train or with his Kumpan Scooter to our headquarters in Remagen. His motivation to further develop e-mobility on the world’s roads, intensified with the birth of his son. His strength is within the finance sector due to his master’s degree at Lund University, primarily focusing on finance.

  • Gründer Kumpan Elektroroller Tykesson
    Philipp Tykesson

    Philipp, is the youngest Tykesson and the 3rd Managing Director of the company. He is responsible for our marketing and sales. Philipp completed our team, since he studied the exact same role at ISM – perfect coincidence! With a calm, relaxed and sporty persona, Philipp accomplishes his goals in his professional and personal life with ease. He is also responsible for the subject, ‘Dream big’. Besides sailing across the ocean, he dreams of an extended road trip on Route 66 – on a Kumpan, of course!

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