Winter special: Your scooter in your favourite colour - make the streets more colourful!

Design your Kumpan just as you like it

Kumpan Elektroroller in Fahrt mit bunten Ballons

This winter does not have to be grey and colourless! With our winter special we want to make your everyday life and the streets a little bit more colourful…. So if you haven’t found your favourite colour in our onlineshop, that’s no problem: Until the end of February 2021 you can have your E-Scooter customised in the colour of your choice. A trendy turquoise, a smart pink, a bright red or rather the colours of your favourite soccer team? We make it possible!

Choose now between these beautiful colours and configure your desired Electric Scooter – no matter which of our 4 models – within the coloured marked areas, completely in your style. All scooter paint colours can be combined with all stickers!

Colour-up your life!


There you go:

1. Choose your basic scooter configuration in our online shop: Which model is yours? 45 km/h or rather 100 km/h? With topcase or without?

2. Contact us under our service number +49 2642 999 800 or by e-mail to, give us your order number and your desired colours!

3. Our graphic designers will take care of the individualisation of your Kumpan scooter and will contact you as soon as it is ready!


All this is available at an extra charge of: 282,69 € incl. 16% VAT

Kumpan Elektroroller mit Fahrspaß in einer Allee im Sommer

“Happy is, who enjoys life in colours!”