Family friendliness at Kumpan

How to reconcile work and family? We will make it happen!

Your family is important to us as an employer

Kumpan Electric was founded by three brothers and therefore, it is clear that we attach great importance to the topic FAMILY!With 75 employees, we also have Kumpan-children of all ages from six-week-old babies to teenagers. We understand every stage of life can bring many surprises and wonderful moments, but also special challenges. Therefore, it is important for us to support our employees in all family matters and to be there for them. This means above all, individual solutions for the very different requirements of every employee. Our family-friendly policy allows our little Kumpanion’s to join us at work.

For example: if Laura, the mother of one of our 5-year old Kumpanion’s, Liam is very busy and is unable to take him to the daycare centre, she will bring him to work – a welcome visitor in our house! Liam will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the babysitter of the afternoon and there is also the possibility to play hide and seek with the marketing team or even arts and crafts in the creative corner! If an employee has to leave work early to pick up their child from kindergarten, nursery or school, it will not be a problem: our understanding, flexibility and good organisation skills make everything possible!

Over the past years at our summer parties, we’ve really enjoyed coming together, especially with our children. To see how crowded it was and how much fun everybody had together – a big, colourful family of friends!

Kumpan-Family comments

Entwickler bei der Arbeit für Kumpan Elektroroller

“I was on parental leave for two months and in relation to the company, there were no complications. Everything went so well because of their flexible understanding. I am now working part-time (four days a week). The agreement on the reduced working hours were pleasantly relaxed. I really got the feeling that a lot of consideration is given to individual wishes.”

Jannic, Design Engineer

Kumpan E-Roller Hersteller Mitarbeiter Rafael

“I can truly say that Kumpan is super flexible when it comes to children. It’s no problem to take a day off when the child starts school or has a birthday. I was always able to take time-off for the days in question with a clear understanding. I’m also very flexible because I have a laptop and can access everything at home. It’s no problem to say that today I’m going home a bit early to have dinner with my family and then read a story etc. The other day, my child broke his arm and my wife called to say, he had to be operated on straight away and with regards to the family-friendly policy, I was able to leave everything and go straight to them. I was very appreciative of their understanding!”

– Rafael, Production Manager


“I commute from Cologne to Remagen and have a two-year-old daughter. Because of the journey, I have to keep a very good eye on the times as to when I come and go. This is when I really appreciate Kumpan’s flexibility – I have complete confidence that I can manage to look after my little one and still do my job well. If I do have to stay at home, for example because my daughter is ill or I haven’t found a babysitter in time, I feel confident that my team will support me 100%. In return, they know that I will work efficiently in the home office and will be on-call for them at all times”.

– Meike, Communications Manager

Arbeit im Büro bei Kumpan Elektromobilität

“We found out very late that my wife was pregnant and immediately conversed with my supervisor to explain the situation. I was instantly given the green light to take a holiday whenever I needed. My boss also asked, whether I wanted to take parental leave, leaving me with an understanding that this is possible at any time. I’m really happy that I can spend a lot of time with my little daughter as a dad and that the company doesn’t put obstacles in my way.”

– Martin, Process Engineer

Daniel Tykesson ist ein Gründer von Elektrorollerhersteller Kumpan

“For us, as founders and managing directors, it is of course the highest priority that our employees enjoy coming to work every day. The most important requirement to maintain a joyous environment so that employees are able to balance well, both family and career. Since I became a dad myself, I have become even more aware of how important it is to spend time with my family, but as a managing director this is exactly what is rare. I’m so grateful that my team will always support me to spend much needed time with my wife and child. Especially after the birth, I was able to take time out to support my wife in her everyday life and to experience the first weeks with my son.”

– Daniel, Managing Director


Der kleine Liam mit seiner
Kumpan Sommerfest
Kind auf einer Parkbank mit Kinderbuch in den Händen