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Start your Kumpan E-Scooter now, keyless and via Smartphone

Kumpan E-Roller Modell 54i:mpulse mit Mann der KumpanConnect App nutzt

You will never have to look for the keys again

Have you ever lost or forgotten your key or you just can’t find it anywhere?
We at Kumpan electric feel for you and know what it is like to be late for work and have to go to work, but the key for your Kumpan electric is simply not to be found. That’s why we have developed an app for you that makes the key superfluous – the Kumpan Key app.

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Für den Keyless Start brauchst Du nur Dein Smartphone, dass Du wahrscheinlich sowieso immer griffbereit hast. Du musst lediglich die Kumpan Key App aus dem Playstore, bzw. Apple App Store runterladen und schon kann’s los gehen. Lerne als erstes Dein Handy an, indem Du ganz einfach den Anweisungen aus der App folgst. Und schon bist Du startklar – nur noch schnell Deinen Roller per Bluetooth verbinden und es kann los gehen.

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Without borders

Once you’ve learned your smartphone, you can start your scooter at the touch of a button – all you need to do is keep your phone close by. The stressful search for the key is over!

If you want to rent your scooter and let someone else drive it, you don’t need to buy a second key. Your friends can also learn their smartphone and use your scooter without any problems.

Handy mit Kumpan Key App

Kumpan Key app and security

To ensure that your Kumpan is safe, remember that you only connect to the scooter via Bluetooth during start-up. To ensure your scooter is doubly protected, a steering wheel lock is also activated. In addition, you can check where your scooter is at all times using the telemetry module built into the battery.

More about the Kumpan Key application

If you want to know more about how to use the Kumpan Key application, we have a short video for you. Here we explain step by step how to use the application and its most important advantages.


More about the Kumpan Key app

If you would like to know more about how to use the Kumpan Key app, we have a short video for you. Here we explain step by step how to use it and the most important advantages.

Kumpan Key App Elektromobilität
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