1954 Ri

Retro intelligence - ready for the future

For us, retro intelligence (Ri) means smart technology in a timeless look. With a range of up to 186 km, your buddy sets no limits. The extra-large touch display shows speed, consumption and range at a glance. The heart of your buddy is our PowerHouse 2.0 – the optimized Kumpan battery that makes your companion the widest electric scooter.

up to  45 kph

up to 4 Kw

up to 186 Km

Be one of the first!

For a deposit of only 500€ you can already secure your buddy!

German engineering meets style

Smart technology

The innovative 7-inch touch display provides the perfect overview of speed, consumption and range. And with keyless start and push-to-open technology, you'll be smart: your key stays in your pocket and the Kumpan driving fun starts at the touch of a button.

The powerhouse

Your power house 2.0 is simply plugged into the battery compartment without complicated insertion. It automatically connects to your 1954 Ri. Up to 3 powerpacks can be found in your buddy – they take you to where you want.

Two wheels. A comfort zone.

The 1954 Ri shines with thoughtful and comfortable details: an additional compartment with a cup holder, coin storage and enough space for the most necessary little things ensures that you arrive at your destination quite relaxed.

Powerhouse 2.0

The heart of your 1954 Ri is the Powerhouse 2.0 – the best version of our battery. With optimized range and easy handling, you'll drive to the end of the world.

Easy handling

No complicated wiring and installation: the Powerpack 2.0 is simply plugged into the designated battery compartment. The battery connects directly to your vehicle.

Maximum safety

We pay attention to maximum safety and durability in development and use. So that you with your powerhouse 2.0 remain unconcerned and permanently mobile.

Smart and powerful

Our specially developed powerhouse with high-performance LG cells guarantees a drive with up to 7 KW of engine power and a range of over 180 km at 45 km/h.

Excellent luminosity

See and be seen: The new light package illuminates the road optimally and guarantees a crisp view. Flashers, tail lights and brake lights shine thanks to LED lighting – this way you can drive safely and relaxed even at night.

Clever and simple

Certainly not only beautiful appearance: usability and technique of our Buddy 1954 Ri are perfectly matched.

Keyless operation

Leave the key in your pocket – with keyless start, the driving fun starts at the touch of a button.

Individual driving mode

Decide for yourself about your energy consumption while driving.

7-inch touch display

Speed, range, energy consumption – in the exclusive 7-inch toch display, you can see all the functions of your buddy at a glance.

Development and production in Germany

We attach great importance to proximity

For us, environmental protection also means: We develop and produce mostly in Germany. We like the direct line to our partners and the short delivery routes.

1954 Ri User's Guide

All information on how to handle your 1954 Ri properly can be found in the corresponding user manual!

Technical data


  • brushless wheel hub motor
  • maximum power 4000 or 7000 watts


  • Lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion)
  • 51 Volt (V) | 29 Ampere Hours (Ah) | 1479 watt-hours
  • parallel geschaltet und entnehmbar
  • Reichweite bis zu 62 Kilometer pro Akku (nach Prüfnorm ECE 134/2014)


  • 7 inch touchscreen display
  • Tempomat

Safety and comfort

  • hydraulic disc brake front and rear
  • hydraulic suspension fork
  • hydraulische Stoßdämpfer (Härte verstellbar)


  • Length 1950 mm (without Topcase)
  • Width 730 mm (without mirror)
  • Höhe 1215 mm (ohne Spiegel)
  • Radstand 1354 mm
  • Sitzbankhöhe 850 mm


  • Kerb weight 80 kg
  • Weight with batteries 110 kg (incl. three batteries)
  • Zulässiges Gesamtgewicht 280 kg