Our vision

Designing, developing and producing your own e-scooters is only the first step - because we have a clear vision to drive e-mobility even further, changing our society in the long term! Read here on which mission we are on. We invite you to become a part of our future!

Kumpan Elektroroller Vision

We are always moving!


We believe in constantly being on the move, changing with the times – not only in a spatial sense, but also in a social, community and environmental sense.
We want people to experience advantages in transport, getting them from A to B more efficiently with our electric scooters.
We believe in making e-mobility accessible, feasible, affordable and practical for everyone. Together, we can make it possible for rattling, air-polluting petrol scooters to be driven off the roads.
We are firmly convinced that we can improve for the better with our Kumpan electric – starting with anchoring climate protection in people’s mobility behaviour.




We believe that the innovations from e-mobility will be trend-setting; not only for the mobility sector, but for many other areas of application.
Therefore, we will continue to develop our electric scooters – this is only the beginning!
Our team is constantly working on new ideas, development by development, scooter by scooter, battery by battery, innovation by innovation…


Come on the journey with us!


Your Kumpan team

Vision von Kumpan E-Rollern dargstellt als Straße in den Bergen