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Donate for Welthungerhilfe, make the world a bit better and win the most unique E-Scooter we've ever produced!

Welthungerhilfe - afrikanische Frau mit Baby

Kumpan cares

It’s that time of the year again! Heavenly Christmas season is approaching in rapid steps. It’s also the time to spend with our love ones, get cozy and look back at probably the most unusualy year in recent history!  COVID-19 affected us all, both personally and professionally, bringing us even more together. At the same time, let us not forget about important social and environmental issues which still greatly affect us. Of course, in Germany we have also suffered greatly from the pandemic, but the situation in the poorest countries is by far more serious. In total, 81 countries have received financial support from the IMF and World Bank during the crisis to aid them from financial collapse. Third-world countries are particularly affected due to air traffic being halted: Relief supplies are not arriving, tourists are no longer coming, and people cannot go to work or have sadly, lost the their jobs. In addition, many social projects have been cancelled but nevertheless, aid is still urgently needed, if not even more now than ever.

Therefore, it is important for us at Kumpan electric to support and show how grateful we are that we are doing quite well. Which is why we have teamed up with the successful graffiti artist Smoenova. With everything shut down, art has especially been affected as well and has found alternative ways to unfold in adapting to change, resulting in new and wonderful ways to produce creativity. We hope to create some smiles with this christmas fundraising campaign along the way.

And this is how it works:

You donate for a good cause and have the chance to win the Kumpan scooter designed by Smoenova. And we will round up the total amount of all donors afterwards! You can find all the details here. If you want to go directly to the donation tool, click here.

Join us now and participate in our Christmas donation campaign to Welthungerhilfe. These donation options are available to you:

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Current donation total: 8.821,07€!

Of which 5.118,07€ via PayPal and 3.163€ via Leetchi!
Status: 04 January 2021, 10:15 am

Our ambassadors:

We are very happy to have so many supporters from different walks of life for our christmas fundraising campaign: As eclectic as we are!

Peter Carlsson
Pflanzen gießen

Kumpanions for Welthungerhilfe

We have been looking a long time for a project that suits us, that we believe in and that we would like to support and we have found it: “Permaculture against Hunger” from Welthungerhilfe is an innovative agricultural project that works according to the “train the trainer” principle. Here we would like to introduce the project and show you why we are so enthusiastic about it. Of course we hope that you are convinced and would like to help.

Permaculture means that in contrast to areas that are often planted on one side only (monoculture), several plants are cultivated and a sustainable and natural life cycle is created.  Permaculture means that different plants are cultivated side by side and benefit from each other. For example, marigolds can “serve” as insect repellents for the pumpkin.


Why is this important?

An example: In the districts of Dedza and Mangochi in western Malawi, 80% of the population lives from agriculture. Most of the farmers only plant corn – with drastic consequences, because if there is a drought or flooding, this means a complete crop failure and thus not enough food.

Welthungerhilfe wants to counteract this risk. Smallholders in these rural regions are not familiar with this cultivation method, however – and are trained by Welthungerhilfe, which provides seeds and gardening tools in addition to training.  They also learn how to use the resources available in their fields more efficiently.  Irrigation, for example, is then provided from collected wastewater, fertiliser is produced from the farmers’ own compost, and plants are placed next to each other in a way that makes them thrive. The first, around 4500 smallholders will then pass on their knowledge as ambassadors – this is also supported by the project.

Further information can be found here online or here as PDF-Download.

And that’s how it works:

1) We would love you for supporting our christmas fundraising campaign! You are able to donate your desired amount under the tools below. From 30€ upwards, you will have one ticket in the lottery pot. If you donate more than 300€, you will receive two tickets and if you donate 600€ or more, you will increase your chances of winning to a total of three tickets. Please note, you can only donate once per person. For the chance to create an historical piece of art with your unique E-Scooter, you can even decide on the icon and colour design. It doesn’t matter who receives the scooter at the end of the campaign, you will have eternally immortalised yourself on it, all thanks to your kind donation. Even if you do not win the scooter, we will gladly reward your generosity!

2) Now Smoenova comes into play. The graffiti artist designs the scooter with a lot of creativity and artistic freedom. The result is a stylish unique piece: The Kumpan Roller shines in a designer dress!

3) The design scooter will be raffled among all participants! Your unique eye-catcher is just waiting to make you mobile and make the traffic of your city a little bit more colourful.

4) We will round off the total donation amount with our own Kumpan donation and hand it over to Welthungerhilfe. Of course we will keep you informed about how the Perma Project is developing.


We think it’s a great idea that we all can make our world a little bit better together and we hope you will join us! Your contribution helps to make it possible.


Let’s get started! We keep our fingers crossed for you!

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What can you win?

Of course we hope that you would have taken part in the christmas fundraising campaign, but we have a small incentive for you! Because one thing is clear: At the end of the campaign there will be a unique companion scooter designed by Smoenova, which is looking for a new owner! So we will raffle this driving work of art among all participants who have donated at least 30€ – your own 1954i:conic!

The most generous donor will receive one of our Kumpan 1950 E-scooters as a big thank you gift.


If you are one of our top 4 donors, we will thank you with a picture painted by Smoe – real art for your home! So generosity pays off twice : )

About Smoenova:

Since 2001 Andreas is an active graffiti artist and can visualize almost everything. Together with his wife Julia, Andreas forms an unbeatable team: “Smoe” ist Andy’s sprayer name and “Nova” his better half.  The studied product designer Andy has become well-established in the art scene over the past years, creating not only graffitis and paintings on canvas, books, advertising concepts and web designs, but is also doing  commissioned work in public, for example at bus stops and large public buildings – something a formerly underground sprayer can only dream of!
So we are so happy to have Smoenova on board- we find he is just the right person to design our Kumpan E-Scooter to be raffled among all you supporters. Here you can see some of his work and get a little taste of what to expect:

Why this project

To understand exactly why we have chosen this project, it is worth taking a look at the global context: Around 822 million people suffer from hunger worldwide. Besides floods and conflicts, such as civil wars, droughts are the biggest problem – crop failures result in food shortages. This in turn creates a toxic spiral: many people who can no longer feed themselves are forced to leave their homes, children have to work in addition to adults to feed their families, the crime rate rises… We cannot do anything directly against the weather, but we can do something AGAINST 1) climate change (hence our e-mobility mission!) and 2) FOR new, innovative farming methods that create independence from seasonal fluctuations and crop failures. 3) We appreciate the sustainable and unbureaucratic work of Welthungerhilfe, where only about 2.4% of all donations go to administrative costs.

More information on the distribution of funds and project successes is available here.

We are also very happy about the support from these great partners:

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