Philipp Tykesson Founder & CMO

“Unique riding pleasure, innovative technology, individual design - that's Kumpan.”

Clean, smart & beautiful

With our Kumpan scooters we prove that riding pleasure, flexibility and responsible mobility go together perfectly. This way we want to shape the world’s street scenes, contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and ease traffic congestion - making life better for all of us.


You decide about departure and arrival: Instead of “stop and go” it's “go and stop wherever you want...!”

Our Vision

We are working towards having more electric scooters than petrol-powered scooters on European roads by 2030.

We are shaping the urban mobility of the future

We want to make urban traffic clean, quiet and practical - without exhaust fumes and noise, nerve-racking search for a parking space and congested city centres. To make this a reality, we are constantly researching and developing our Kumpan scooters. Our scooters are built on passion, ingenious engineering expertise and the latest technologies.

Sharing is fun

Our scooter sharing systems are already the best answer to today's urban traffic requirements.


With a range of over 180 km at 45 km/h, the Kumpan electric scooter has one of the longest ranges in the world.

The Kumpan feeling

Riding an electric scooter is a unique ride experience - with a Kumpan it becomes incomparable. We design our vehicles and develop the technical innovations ourselves. We want to ignite the passion with which we do this in each of you. The Kumpan smile after each test ride is our customer promise.

Euer Feedback

We listen: We constantly develop our Kumpan scooters according to the needs of our customers.

Our Concept

We don't stop at the motors. We focus on emission-free vehicles, resource-saving production, short delivery routes and sustainability in battery recycling.

Heart and soul down to the smallest detail

In our family business we have been designing and producing our electric scooters since 2010. With internal engineering and production know-how, regional partners and great enthusiasm, we develop vehicles and mobility services with an environmentally friendly drive technology.