Agile, fast & uncomplicated

Its agilitymakes it an ideal companion for fast and uncomplicated city travelling. And if the battery runs out, it can be charged at any power outlet within a few hours. Experience our little 1953 in action and get a taste of the electric ride feeling.

up to 45 km/h

up to 150 km
(with 3 batteries) range

100 Nm

up to 2500 Watt
motor power

Driving pleasure, elegant lines and innovative technology

Classic & innovative

Elegant lines meet innovative technology. The result of our development work is a functional design that meets the highest quality standards. A digital speedometer, removable batteries and a powerful wheel hub motor – with our 1953 model we have created a powerful and solid electric scooter.

Simply clean

Your Kumpan is 100% electric. Smelly exhaust fumes and noise are a thing of the past thanks to the highly developed electric drive. From now on you can enjoy the environment in all its facets during your ride. The electric motor built into the rear wheel provides up to 2500 watts with the help of our boost function. It’s almost maintenance-free and much cleaner than any petrol engine.

Stowed safely

You can transport your luggage with the top case rack. Use either our luggage belt or stow helmets & co. in the matching top case.

Kraftpaket 1.5

The  Kraftpaket 1.5 is our proven battery model: a reliable power unit that’s easy to transport, uncomplicated to recharge and with a range of up to 50 kilometres.

Rechargeable everywhere

Your Kraftpaket 1.5 with carrying strap and lightweight plastic housing can be recharged easily at any household power outlet.

Without memory effect

Your Kraftpaket 1.5 can be charged at any time and regardless of battery status - there is no memory effect.

Durable and reliable

The integrated deep discharge protection of your  Kraftpaket 1.5 ensures a long service life and many trips with your Kumpan.

“Unique riding pleasure, innovative technology, individual design - that's Kumpan.”

Philipp Tykesson, Founder & CMO

Join the Kumpan family and discover the Kumpan lifestyle: responsible mobility with maximum riding pleasure!

Technical details


  • Brushless wheel hub motor
  • Maximum power 2500 watts


  • Lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion)
  • 51 volts (V) / 29 ampere-hours (Ah) / 1479 watt-hours (Wh)
  • Connected and removable in parallel
  • Range: up to 50 kilometres per battery
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Weight: 10 kg per battery


  • Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
  • Front telescopicfork with hydraulic support
  • Double shock absorber with hydraulic support at rear


  • Length 1730 mm (without top case)
  • Width 710 mm (without mirror)
  • Height 1130 mm (without mirror)
  • Wheelbase 1255 mm
  • Distance above the ground 150 mm


  • Emptyweight 64.5 kg
  • Weight with batteries: 94.5 kg (incl. three batteries)
  • Permissible total weight 193 kg
  • Maximum load 98.5 kg