The inner values of our electric scooters are impressive: Our specially developed battery, the Kraftpaket, gets you to your destination with the latest technology. Learn more about our battery options here.

Kraftpaket 2.0

The heart of your Kumpan 1954 Ri is the  Kraftpaket 2.0 - the best version of our battery. With optimised range and easy handling, you'll ride to the end of the world.

Smart and powerful

Our specially developed  Kraftpaket with powerful LG cells guarantees a ride with up to 7 KW motor power and a range of over 186 km at 45 km/h.

Highest level of safety

We pay attention to highest safety and longevity in development and use. Making sure that you remain carefree and permanently mobile with your  Kraftpaket 2.0.

Easy handling

No complicated wiring and installation: simply plug the  Kraftpaket 2.0 into the battery compartment provided. The battery connects directly to your scooter.

Kraftpaket 1.5

The  Kraftpaket 1.5 is our proven battery for the 1953 model - a reliable power unit that’s easy to transport, uncomplicated to recharge and with a range of up to 62 kilometres.

Rechargeable everywhere

Your  Kraftpaket 1.5 with carrying strap and lightweight plastic housing can be recharged easily at any household power outlet.

Without memory effect

Your Kraftpaket 1.5 can be charged at any time and regardless of battery status - there is no memory effect.

Durable and reliable

The integrated deep discharge protection of your Kraftpaket 1.5 ensures a long service life and many trips with your Kumpan.